A Love So Deep

Since I came to Ghana, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of friends, new and old. The tennis partner who helps me with my game, who tells me I can do it. The players who gather at the end of the day to sit beneath the summer huts, share drinks, food and tell jokes. The dear sisters who invite me to plays, concerts and parties, who share their time generously. But few days ago, something happened that stirred up such memories of deep love that I can’t even…

It was after tennis. I had left the players to join the gym group because they had invited me to partake in their kenkey, fish and pepper party. We sat around tables, some fifteen men and women, eating, drinking, laughing. Then a girl I hadn’t seen in years came to join us. The only seat available was the one next to me, so she sat down. I saw her look at me, and her hand got busy. She broke a piece of kenkey with her hand, made it really soft, took some fish and just held it to my mouth. I had forgotten how friends could feed each other. By that act, she had embraced me. Such deep affection, such abandonment.

Though I didn’t want any more food, I ate from her hand again and again, accepting her love. I could imagine Europeans and Americans shocked, not knowing what to think. Are they lesbians? Lovers? Nothing of the sort. It’s that freedom to show affection in the most natural way, without inhibitions. I had forgotten. Lately in Ghana, we see western values creeping in. Some are good, but some, well…I hope Ghana continues to maintain this freedom of expression. I want to love and be loved deeply, freely. I just love Ghana.

4 thoughts on “A Love So Deep”

  1. The expression of love and Cultural diversity can connote mixed feelings. Love and hospitality is deeply rooted in Ghanaians, and it’s desperately unconventional from the taxonomic name of western love and affection. Ghana is home, with delightful people. What you experienced was normal and consistent for people who deserves it.


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